Live Fruit Bat Cam

A colony of wild Egyptian Fruit Bats located in Tel Aviv University. These bats are free to come and go as they please.



Pioneers in Bat Echolocation

Talks from three pioneers in bat echolocation research recorded during the 2023 "Active Sensing: from animals to robots" conference held in Weizmann Institute of Science.



Acoustic bat-like robot

Itamar's fully acoustic bat-like robot navigating through a novel environment



Trident Bat (Asellia tridens)

A colony of Trident bats,  mothers and pups, in their roost in an abandoned military bunker.

(video: Eran Amichai)



Greater Mouse tailed Bat (Rhinopoma microphyllum)

A colony of male greater mouse tailed bats in a cave opening.

(video: Eran Amichai)



Greater Mouse tailed Bat (Rhinopoma microphyllum) emerging from a cave

Female greater Mouse tailed Bats emerging from a cave at dusk.

(video: Eran Amichai)



Landing Egyptian fruit Bats

Egyptian fruit bats exhibiting 180 degree elevation maneuvers during takeoff and landing.


Kuhl's pipistrelle (pipistrellus kuhlii)

seen through a thermal camera.



Fruit bat eating a cockroach

An Egyptian fruit bat eating a cockroach in the fruit bowl of the colony.



Bats are not rats (but that doesn't mean they can't all get along)

One of the bats returning to the colony encountered a rat and didn't know what to do about it



This is how bats pee




Egyptian fruit bat eating in the food bowl

A lazy fruit bat decided to hang inside the fruit bowl while eating



Fruit bats drinking mango juice

The bats in the imprinted colony enjoy a  daily treat of mango juice



Dot cloud swarm

How we constructed virtual insect swarms



Changing spectrum

How echoes would change over time when ensonifying a 'live' swarm of moving mosquitoes