Adopt a bat

The bats in our unique free bat colony roost in an artificial cave and are free to leave it and fly into the wild whenever they feel like it. We then follow their natural behavior outdoors using miniature GPS and microphone sensors as well as other tracking devices developed in the lab.

Adopting a bat is a great way of supporting the residents of the bat lab colony and the students studying them. When you adopt a bat, you are personally helping to fund their feeding, enrichment and to fund students who are studying these bats' behavior and conservation.

When donating 100$ or more, you will be entitled to choose a specific bat to adopt (from the list below). You will receive periodic updates about the colony and the lab.



Colony bat GPS map

We are able to track our bats, once they leave the imprinted colony, with miniature GPS devices. This is an example of the flight trajectories of one of our colony bats. Check out the map and explore the different locations our bat visited during his expedition.




Tali is a permanent resident of our colony. She has a pup named Casper who lives with her. You just can’t help but love her.





Guri was found orphaned and joined our captive colony at the age of 4 weeks in March 2012. His out going and mischievous character was apparent from the get go. Shortly after our imprinted colony was formed in October of 2014 he joined it and became an integral part of the colony, leaving every night to forage freely outdoors and returning continuously since November 2014.





Jinny is an adult female, mother to Jaffar and Jasmine and currently pregnant with their little brother or sister.

We wish her an easy delivery!





Jasmine is a young female, Jinny's daughter. She enjoys exploring new and exciting locations out in the world and returns to the colony occasionally to snuggle up with the family. 





Newton is a 3 year old male who permanently resides in our colony.                





Avigur was born in 2019. We tracked him as a juvenile using GPS during his first year outside, and then again during the winter of 2023. He left the colony at some point, but at the end of the day – there’s no place like home. He has been sleeping in the colony every day for the past two years, while going out to forage in the wild during the night. With a very consistent personality, his routs remained the same even after 3 years.





Raichu came to the colony from the outside world, he showed up one day in 2021 and decided to stay with us ever since.
He is handsome, nice, and friendly. Always with a smile on his face.

He is one of the biggest males we have in the colony, but he is very gentle and easy.

If you take a look at our live cam, you can usually find him right in front of the camera, modeling for free and for watermelon pieces.





Charlie was born in September 2020; He was a very small pup – which caused other bats to bully him. He even got attacked by crows but was rescued right on time!

Since then, he is getting better and learned how to fight back. He likes to hang in the colony entrance, scanning the bats that come and go. 






Binna is a cute and delicate young female. She joined the colony during the winter of 2023, and was tracked using a GPS device during the whole season.

She is a very gentle bat, usually prefers to stay on her own and sometimes chooses to sleep alone.

But as we see from her outdoors adventures, she likes to spend her time outside learning about the world surrounding her.




Barbara was introduced into the colony as a juvenile in the summer of 2022. When the weather got warm and nice, she left and went to roost somewhere else.
She came back to us with a newborn pup, and is now staying with us to raise him in the colony. Once he gets bigger and volant he will be able to decide whether to stay or move out on his own.