In the press




  • A bat inspired robot: article in NewScientist (open link)

  • How bats learn their vocalizations - article in the New-York Times (open link)

  • Bat chat: machine learning algorithms provide translations for bat squeaks- lab on the Guardian (open link)

  • Bats use 'Bamba' effect to find food by eavesdropping on each other,  lab on National Geographic and the New-York Times (NG(NYT)

  • Fruit bats use wings to produce bio-sonar clicks - lab on National Geographic (open link)

  • ‘Bats recognize others' voices' - report in BBC news on bat vocal recognition (Open link)

  • Interview in Der Spigel on Plant echo recognition (Open link)

  • Interview in Alaxon with Dr. Yossi Yovel on aspects of bat research (Open link)

  • ‘Bats recognize others' voices' - report in Tehran Times on bats vocal recognition (Open link)





  • Yossi Yovel talks about his new book "Atalefim" with Koby Oz. (Open link)

  • The Robat - a podcast featuring Yossi Yovel in Frontiers for young minds. (Open link)

  • Bat communication project features on Nova. (Open link)

  • ‘Scientists wire bats for sonar secrets’ - video report in Reuters on bat echolocation and its implications for human systems development. (Open link)

  • ‘Bats with GPS’ - video report by Tel Aviv University on the research in Dr. Yossi Yovel's lab  (Open link)

  • Yossi Yovel talks about bats in the 'Israeli educational channel' (Open link)